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Why good hosting is important for your website?

The concept of a website without hosting can be understood by the same analogy as if a car is without a wheel or a house without a roof. In short, you understand I suppose. The quality of the web hosting and the type of server by no means a point to be neglected professionally if your website is hosted in that. This can make the difference between the comfort of your Internet users’ visit, security, but also in search results! You must be aware that a good web hosting company always has a positive impact on SEO, regardless of its size.

Bad hosting can hurt a website’s SEO

Google regularly visits and crawls your website in order to determine the results to appear on the first page. A site that has fast load times and low latency are more likely to appear in search engine results. When analyzing the quality of a site, Google does not only consult the page load time, many parameters are part of its selection, namely, it also takes into account the uptime.

The proper backup facility should be maintained as it is seen that server downtime may appear at any time if not configured well. A compromised server may result in a bad reputation and cause downtime to your website, but also therefore the SEO of the latter. Search engines increasingly appreciate websites whose servers are well optimized for these different criteria. As much as having a “simple website” is no longer enough, it is essential to choose the right host, an outsourcer, and finally, the server on which your site is stored.

The different hosting solutions

A high-speed connection can only be possible if the server is properly configured and is of good repute, but also to make the necessary bandwidths available to Internet users. There are some considerable hosting solutions like Dedicated hosting, shared server, and VPS virtual server.

The dedicated server

Dedicated hosting allows you to rent a single server for your site. If the site is resource hungry then this is the perfect solution. You can get benefited from the desired performance according to the proposed budget and website requirements. This is a type of tailor-made solution which allows you to install software of your choice and store various data from your site. The drawback of a dedicated server is its cost as it is not budget-friendly. The big advantages are the quality, speed, and convenience of page load times.

You can manage this yourself if you have the skills, but you can entrust this work to a partner whose job it is in order to devote yourself to other things. We ensure the implementation of security patches, the regular update of your operating system, and the daily monitoring of your data backup strategy. Contact us for dedicated server hosting in Pakistan.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a low-cost solution compared to dedicated server hosting. Server administration and software configuration do not require special knowledge. Everything is done to facilitate your work and the management of your space. The main drawback of shared ownership is the fact that on average 50 to 70,000 sites can be hosted on the same server. In this case, the power available for each user is obviously not dedicated and you can suffer the consequences of neighboring sites (bandwidth, blacklisted IP address, etc.). On the other hand, shared hosting is a low-cost solution to meet your web needs. The best known in Pakistan is DMT web hosting which offers very good value for money. You still have to ask yourself the question of your technical capacities in the event of a problem on your site. Who intervenes, within what timeframe, am I able to get my site back online in the event of a hack or an update that goes wrong.

The VPS virtual server

As soon as you start to receive more than 300 visits per day, it may be preferable to move your site to a high-performance VPS type hosting, it is a compromise between the dedicated and the shared. You can enjoy the VPS control in the similar was as control of a dedicated server. The downside is that you don’t have the benefit of a physical server as VPS is the middle solution of shared hosting and dedicated server. You share a hard drive with other users, but your virtual server keeps its CPU, as well as its memory allocation. The VPS machine will remain unaffected affected by other hard drives users in any way. As long as the number of visitors is controlled, there is no need to worry about at all as the performance will be good. A VPS server can have dedicated resources but is not the physical dedicated server itself.


There is no big formula but to keep your website requirements in mind before choosing as a hosting company. Try to negotiate the best solution for your website. Obviously, if you are looking for hosting for your website whatever its operation, its development, CMS, contact me, feel free to signup at dmtwebhosting for better dedicated hosting solutions.

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DMT Web Hosting is too concerned about the health and safety of both clients and employees. Our office is closed due to countrywide lock down. You can reach us on +92 300 044 4656, +92 321 112 6660 during the lock down period. We appreciate your understanding and patience.