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How to choose good web host for your blog?

When you plan to leave free blogging platforms, it’s often difficult to navigate the jungle of hosts, offers, details provided which are often very technical for a beginner.  If you are doing not know in the least what an internet host is for, it’s quite simply a service provider who will “store” your site to form it available to the general public.

  1. Choosing an internet host means determining your needs

The first step is to work out what you would like … and sometimes when you’re just starting out, you do not have a clue!

Shared hosting to get started

For a blog, generally shared hosting is going to be quite enough for your needs. Hosts also offer VPS and dedicated servers but these formulas are suitable for much larger or very resource-intensive sites (for example, a web TV, a streaming site, etc.).

Shared hosting is that the cheapest, it supports large numbers of tourists alright (we can sometimes stay shared hosting even with quite 100,000 visitors per month!). this is often the simplest sort of accommodation for a beginner to find out.

Then, most hosts offer several shared hosting plans. To choose, remember to look:

Databases: Normally a WordPress blog can function on one database only. Conversely, if you’ve got a blog and a forum, a blog, and a separate store, a blog, and a photo gallery not integrated with WordPress, you’ll need multiple databases.

The number of websites you’ll host on an equivalent account: most web hosts impose a limit on you. If you simply have one blog, it’s extremely simple… but if you would like to host two or more different blogs, your hosting plan must allow it.

Datacenter – A basic formula

In most cases, there’s no got to choose overpowering hosting packages, designed for top traffic sites … especially at the beginning! you’ll always change your subscription over time. So when it involves choosing an internet host, take a step back from the commercial rhetoric that creates you pay more for more power.

  1. the situation of the servers

This is one thing that beginners never consider watching and yet it’s very important! Your website files are getting to be stored on a machine called a server. This server is found somewhere within the world. the thought is to form your server as close as possible to the country where most of your readers are located.

  1. “The uptime” or the reliability of the host

In a perfect world, your website would be accessible 24/7 without one incident or slowdown. actually, it happens that incidents occur, even at the simplest hosting providers: a server that breaks down, a short-lived overload … Uptime is that the time during which a site is accessible without incident.

Most web hosts promise you an uptime greater than 99.5% (= site accessible during a fluid manner 99.5% of the time) but to urge a more precise idea of the standard of service, don’t hesitate to consult their “Works” section if it exists

  1. Prices and conditions of sale

The prices of shared hosting packages vary little from one host to a different. The conditions for renewal often differ. Some hosts provide you with, for instance, a preferential rate for the primary year, then rise within the price from the second year. Some hosts may provide you with subscriptions over several years. We don’t recommend it unless it’s a number that you simply already know and whose reliability suits you. First, because you’ll plan to close your blog. Then, because you’ll want to vary host if you’re dissatisfied with the service. you’ll also check out the chances of evolution from one formula to a different. for instance, if you discover after a short time of blogging that you simply need a more complete formula, is it easy to change?

Also, inspect the conditions for canceling accommodation during the year or changing service provider. does one need to respect a notice? Are you reimbursed for the “unused” months or not (this is never the case)? does one have a withdrawal period during which you’ll cancel your accommodation freed from the charge? If you get a free name, is it easy to stay it if you modify the host?

  1. Support and help resources

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you regularly need to contact the technical support of your host a minimum of once. It is often an easy question (“how to try to such and such a thing”) or a more significant issue (hacked site, deleted site, etc). it’s essential that technical support isn’t only responsive but also knows the way to adapt to your level. If you ask a “newbie” question and therefore the host responds in the language you absolutely don’t understand, the assistance is going to be of no use to you.  Ideally, before purchasing a subscription, try asking an issue via the online host’s website and see how long it takes to urge back to you.

On the opposite hand, also see if the host offers an FAQ or a web help section. These FAQs answer many questions that one can ask oneself, with tutorials, explanations… it’s often how to manage without having to involve technical support.

  1. Automatic backups

Many web hosting companies have the arrangments to save your blog automatically. Useful if you do not desire to do it yourself or tend to forget.

Choose a web hosting company near you

Today, we not really concentrate on the purely technical aspects for a classic blog project because the hosts all have offers that suit the best number. Only “special” projects (e-commerce, streaming site, hosting of several sites, etc.) require a more detailed study of this data.

On the other hand, more and more emphasis is being done on the “customer experience” than before: having good technical support, an easy-to-use and reliable service, easy-to-understand prices and terms of use, and so on. As everywhere, “common sense” is useful: it’s preferable to settle on a number with particular seniority and particular notoriety to stop it from disappearing overnight.

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DMT Web Hosting is too concerned about the health and safety of both clients and employees. Our office is closed due to countrywide lock down. You can reach us on +92 300 044 4656, +92 321 112 6660 during the lock down period. We appreciate your understanding and patience.