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How to create a professional email?

If you have a website with a domain name like, wouldn’t it be better to have a [email protected] email address? In the professional environment, the use of an email address including the domain name is very widespread. This is just one of the benefits that your hosting provider offers you. In addition, the use of an address linked directly to its site has several significant advantages.

The advantages of using the domain for email addresses


Email addresses with a private domain name are well received in the professional world, while free email addresses generally convey the opposite effect. A salesperson who shows up with a professional email, for example, is trustworthy. In addition, you have the possibility of creating professional emails for several aspects of your communications. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] are all examples of addresses that you can create to facilitate the tracking of your emails, even if they are managed by the same person.

The sobriety:

If you use a free and generic platform such as Gmail, you will have to adapt to the availability of addresses. The simpler ones like [email protected] for example have been around for decades. By default, the platform will offer you an address like [email protected] So, to stand out, you will have to choose for example [email protected] So, you might as well go straight to [email protected]


With an email address in the name of your business, you are the only guarantee of its sustainability. Indeed, if you rely on a third-party platform, you cannot be sure that it will still be valid after several years. If your supplier decides to cease its activities for one reason or another, you will lose a large part of your customers, your partners.

The absence of advertisements and spam:

Generic platforms are the most victims of advertising and spam. Private platforms are difficult to attack for distributors of this type of mail. And if your server is ever attacked or invaded, you have the opportunity to take appropriate action. Note that with some public platforms, these emails are even authorized without you being able to intervene to block them. With DMTwebhosting, attacks are very limited thanks to the anti-spam and anti-virus protection put in place to guarantee you professional service.

Using the recovery function:


Suppose one of your contacts sends you an important email but gets the wrong address. The recovery feature still allows you to have it since you have control of your domain. Which is impossible on a public platform.

How do I get an email address associated with my domain?

Email addresses are directly associated with your domain name and your web hosting. The number of addresses is one of the criteria to consider when choosing a web host. It depends on the formula you are going to choose. They can generally vary from 3 to “unlimited”. Thus, you can take advantage of several email addresses in your image and professional for you and for your employees or simply to classify requests. For example, with an address “[email protected] “or “[email protected] “. With DMTwebhosting, email addresses are unlimited, you can create as many as you want and access them from anywhere and any medium thanks to the Roundcube webmail included in our offer.

The creation, as well as all the other operations linked to the management of email addresses, are available in your control panel. Access the corresponding menu, the panel will guide you through the process, which should normally be accessible to a novice.

Google’s GSuite function

To obtain email addresses associated with your domain, the giant Google offers another alternative: its Gsuite solution. This service is chargeable, but it has significant advantages. Indeed, we cannot now dispute the quality of the free Gmail email platform. GSuite offers you the full functionality of Gmail, using your own domain.
gsuite logo

One of the other advantages of GSuite is to have an easily accessible email box on all media. If you have an Android device, the Gmail app lets you view your email anywhere. Besides, you can associate your address with your Android phone and benefit from all the advantages offered by Google, and to make your device your real personal assistant.

In conclusion, you can choose G Suite for your email addresses, but it won’t spread your brand everywhere you go. A professional email address with your brand in it will be much easier for your visitors to remember. Or you can create your own email addresses with your domain name directly from your DMTwebhosting control panel. Just note that this service is automatically deactivated when your domain is no longer active. You must, therefore, ensure that you stay up to date with your domain’s subscriptions and renew it every year or for several years.

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DMT Web Hosting is too concerned about the health and safety of both clients and employees. Our office is closed due to countrywide lock down. You can reach us on +92 300 044 4656, +92 321 112 6660 during the lock down period. We appreciate your understanding and patience.