Cloud Hosting

Definition of Cloud Hosting

One of the most popular trends in the web hosting industry today is cloud hosting or cloud hosting. Simply put, a “cloud” in this context is a group of computers that are connected to each other over a network and that work together to provide hosting services.

This means that the different services of a single hosted website can be drawn from the computing power of a network from more than one server in the cloud. In fact, the cloud can be thought of as a cloud server made up of the computing power of several servers in a network.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing or cloud computing is a radical change from more traditional hosting options such as shared hosting and dedicated hosting options. It also has certain advantages that set it apart from these other accommodation choices. For one, site owners tend to get what they pay for with cloud hosting. Because of the way cloud hosting works, website owners often only have to pay for the storage they actually use.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

This payment method is sometimes called “pay as you go”. If a company only uses 200 Gigabytes of storage with a cloud plan, that company will only pay for that 200 GB. With more traditional hosting options, that same company would probably have to pay for more space than that, whatever whether the extra space was used or not.

Cloud hosting also provides site owners with extensibility. The traffic of many websites can suddenly increase rapidly. If a site suddenly needs more space or bandwidth, cloud hosting allows that site to grow naturally by using more resources in the cloud. By comparison, running such an expansion with traditional web hosting methods can be a very expensive and time-consuming process.

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to cloud hosting that website owner should take into account. Perhaps the most important of these is the fact that cloud hosting involves certain security risks that do not affect websites that use shared hosting or dedicated servers.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

This is due to the fact that the information is not stored locally on a server in one place. Instead, this information can be transmitted regularly between multiple servers. This data movement can create certain vulnerabilities. Cloud hosting companies can use security and encryption methods to eliminate the possibility of this information being compromised, but the risk remains.

Cloud Hosting Features to Look For

If you choose to go with cloud hosting, there are three things you should consider when looking for the best cloud host. First of all, you should consider whether what you are billed for the plan’s scalability option is actually a good deal.

You only have to pay for what you expect your website to consume, both during peak and off-peak hours. However, some plans use slightly confusing math formulas to calculate what you’re actually charged for. If you end up being billed more than you would be with a shared or dedicated hosting plan, you should look for a more profitable web host.

Second, you need to look for quality web tools. While scalability is important, if you are unable to do anything with your account, it will still be a waste of money. The things to check are configuration panels offering several options, site creation tools, and e-commerce modules.

Finally, be sure to take a cloud hosting package that comes with quality technical support. Although cloud hosting has many advantages, you may face technical difficulties, as with any other type of hosting plan. Make sure that you are able to communicate with technical support 24 hours a day to ensure that your site can avoid significant downtime.

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