3 things to know about wordpress shortcodes

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while, you’ve probably heard of shortcodes. But what are they, how can they be useful to you? What are its best uses? We will discover together the answers to these questions! Let’s go!

What is a wordpress shortcode

To begin with, it seems appropriate to define the concept of wordcode shortcode. A shortcode is essentially a tag (a bit like the html tags) but which opens and closes with square brackets. The principle is very simple to understand, by inserting a shortcode in your text editor, wordpress will execute the “real” code and the function assigned to it.

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The advantage is that on wordpress, the possibilities are endless and you can use these shortcuts to display just about anything you want, from text formatting to Youtube videos, anything can be done. To help you better understand the concept, let’s illustrate it with an example. If you want to display a Youtube video in your blog article, you could very well copy and paste the code in the HTML editor of your article, but using a shortcode you will only have to enter it in the place or you want your video to appear.

What uses

As explained in the previous paragraph, the possibilities for use are almost unlimited. The main use of wordpress shortcodes remains strongly linked to the layout of the content on the pages of your site. Creating columns, changing the style of titles, inserting videos and images, inserting galleries.

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These shortcodes are a great way to provide a pleasant user experience to Internet users. As we know, users with excellent experience on your site (in terms of design, content and use) are highly likely to return and become subscribers to your newsletter and ambassadors of your content. So convert your users to regular visitors using these shortcodes.

Which plugins?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be the new programming genius to be able to use wordpress shortcodes. There are indeed a multitude of extensions, more or less easy to use and accessible, to help you create your own shortcuts on your wordpress site. Among these plugins, there are content builder, FX WordPress animated shortcodes, or shortcoder.

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As you can see, shortcodes are a win-win bet. You save considerable time in creating content and your users benefit from a better experience. Everything to delight Google of course. Have you ever used shortcodes? What are your returns?

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