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Why a business needs an SSL.

You have a showcase site or an e-commerce site but have not yet installed an SSL certificate. Why should you install an SSL certificate on your site? What are the benefits for you and your customers?

SSL and HTTPS certificate


SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer, a protocol originally created by Netscape and Mastercard to secure transactions made over the Internet . The SSL certificate is today the technological security standard for encrypting communications between a web server and a browser. This electronic certificate thus guarantees that the data exchanged between a server and a browser remains private and cannot be attacked or hacked by hackers. There are several types of SSL certificates with different security levels.

A website secured by SSL certificate has a URL in HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) and no longer just HTTP. The HTTPS protocol combines HTTP with an SSL encryption layer. A secure website is easily identified by the icon representing a small padlock placed in the address bar of the browser. HTTPS is particularly useful on unencrypted networks (such as Wi-Fi), very sensitive to hacking, any hacker can indeed easily recover sensitive data.

Benefits of the SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate ensures confidentiality and prevents spying or interception of data. It makes it impossible to hack the information exchanged between the server and the browser. It authenticates a site and assures the visitor that it is indeed the official site of the company sought. You can also add on your site the logo of the company producing the SSL certificate, another pledge of confidence for your visitors and customers.


For an e-commerce site, it is now absolutely necessary to have an SSL certificate to secure the data and information of your visitors. For e-commerce sites, the SSL certificate is simply the best way to protect user data. Most internet users today refuse to provide sensitive information (such as their bank details) on unsecured sites. An SSL certificate is a strong mark of trust for your visitors and customers, who know that they can use your site with complete peace of mind.

The vast majority of e-commerce sites use this protocol today, but its use could well be quickly extended to most websites. Google indeed announced in August 2014 that websites with an SSL certificate would be favored for referencing in its search engine. According to Google, site encryption would therefore be an additional positioning criterion in its search engine today, even if many SEO experts believe that this announcement would currently concern only e- trade.

An SSL certificate is not free and has a cost , which varies depending on the type of certificate. However, the SSL certificate should not be seen as an additional cost, but rather as an investment. Think of the potential business losses if you sell on the Internet via an unsecured website. No one today wants to enter their bank card number on an unsecured site. The SSL certificate has become a mandatory investment for any e-commerce site.

The installation of an SSL certificate is done at the hosting of your website . For a simple showcase site, comprising only a few pages (a VSE or a craftsman for example), the use of the SSL certificate is not yet an absolute necessity as long as the site does not collect sensitive data on users.

The different types of SSL certificates


Domain Validation (DV)
SSL Validation Domain Certificate . The Domain Validation certificate is the classic SSL certificate that allows basic encryption. It is issued very quickly by the CA (Certification Authority) and requires only a verification concerning the ownership of the domain name. No information on the identity of the certificate applicant is displayed in the secure site seal. Domain Validation is also the least expensive SSL certificate.

SSL Validation Company certificate . The Company Validation certificate is an SSL certificate which includes the authentication of the company or of the person owning the domain name. The verified information appears in the secure site seal. It is more expensive than Domain Validation but offers more security.

Extended Validation (EV)
Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates . The Extended Validation certificate is the SSL certificate offering the best possible security. With the EV SSL certificate, the Certification Authority performs an in-depth examination of your company before issuing the certificate. The CA verifies in particular the legal, physical and operational existence of the organization or company requesting the certificate, the accuracy of the information transmitted, the exclusive right to use the domain name as well as the agreement of the organization or of the company for the issue of the certificate. This SSL certificate offers the highest level of security.

All you have to do is find the certificate adapted to your needs on the DMTwebhosting website where you can take advantage of the expertise of digital professionals.

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DMT Web Hosting is too concerned about the health and safety of both clients and employees. Our office is closed due to countrywide lock down. You can reach us on +92 300 044 4656, +92 321 112 6660 during the lock down period. We appreciate your understanding and patience.