Why create a website?

The question may seem incongruous but if you think about it, the reasons why our customers use our website creation services are generally the following:

Create a website to improve your reputation.

If you are a trader, craftsman or business owner, the creation of a website allows you to make yourself known to the general public in B2B (professional customers) as in B2C (individual customers) by broadcasting both a presentation of your business, your activities, your products and services, articles related to your news, photos, podcasts (soundtracks), music playlists, videos and all the best the web has to offer. Rich, lively and dynamic, the website is a real communication tool, effective in promoting your business, your activity, your products or services in all areas.

If you are a public figure, a professional sportsman or an actor, a musician, a website allows you to communicate about yourself, your news, your performances, your touring calendar, sporting events and you can go until too easily sell goodies to your effigies for the happiness of your biggest fans.

Create a website to guide your customers to your store.

Creating a website is also making it easier for your potential customers to reach your store, inform them about your activity and allow them to contact you. 70% of customers visit websites before contacting companies.

Creating a website is a guarantee of notoriety and can rejuvenate the image of your company/association/community.

Create a website to provide continuous service.

One of the big advantages of creating a website is that it allows you to communicate 24/7 and thus attract new customers without any particular need.

Create a website to sell.

Online stores are certainly engaged in fierce competition, but by choosing the right tools and being well supported, you are putting all the chances on your side so that your shop stands out.

Create a website to better know its customers and retain their loyalty.

Thanks to your website, you will be able to keep your customers informed by e-mail, which will boost their interest in your business. A reminder by e-mail is often the subject of an order in the following days. This also gives a VIP side to the customer who will be the first to be informed of the news of the company.

When creating your website, it is possible to dedicate a space where customers and Internet users can communicate (such as a forum for example) where you can send messages directly via a contact form. You receive these messages directly in your mailbox.

These tools will allow you to gather very useful sources of information for canvassing new customers and building loyalty.

Similarly, when you decide to launch a contest through your website, participants will have to fill out a registration form which will allow you to gather a multitude of information about them.

Creating a website is a great way to quickly and efficiently collect information on a targeted population and thus generate a file of qualified contacts for your activity.

Create a website to deploy an activity beyond its borders.

Doing business is expensive. With the Internet, the logic is reversed since it is your potential customers who are looking for you and not the reverse. It is up to you to be present precisely where they are looking for you, mainly on the internet, certainly from their preferred search engine and in their mother tongue.

A website is visible worldwide and accessible to people who understand its content. It can, therefore, allow you to deploy your activity in as many countries as you wish by offering its content in several languages. The more you reach your audience, the more customers are likely to contact you.

Create a website to save time.

With an internal site, you can quickly change information about your products and services.

Create a website to answer redundant questions.

Providing the opportunity to learn more about the company helps avoid wasting time over the phone explaining the answer to a common question.

You will also have the possibility of showing your achievements, your products, and thus avoid the costs of postage, samples, travel etc.

Create a website so as not to leave room for your competition

Today, if your customers do not find you on the internet, they may find offers from competitors that will eat up your market share.

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