How to choose best theme for your website?

The design is the most important part of your website because it is the first thing that the user will see. A poorly designed design will make him think that your company lacks seriousness and professionalism. It must be a reflection of your other visual communications media: business card, flyer, logo

What solution, at what price?

Within the framework of the creation of a website there are three main categories of design, theme for your site:


2-Paid, fifty dollars or more

3-Made to measure, only on estimate

You will understand, each of them has their advantages and disadvantages.

The free solution is used without the case or the theme sought remains simple, without specific functionality with little modification for small web budgets.

The paid theme allows you to obtain a better quality visual with included features such as a portfolio, a photo gallery, a blog, a slide on reception.

Bespoke is luxury because you have no constraints, you are free on the other hand the budget must be able to follow.

Customization of a paid or free theme

Tailor-made is the extreme, the best solution, but it usually requires an out-of-bounds budget! To overcome this problem, we start from a free or paid theme base to make basic or more advanced modifications to meet the needs of our customers approach the design sought for its site.

Sometimes, a simple change of color and logo is enough, but we can also make more modifications as soon as the theme includes the functionalities, the basic configuration sought by the customer.

A paid wordpress theme that we bought and then modified to adapt it to our use.

The design of our site must adapt to the logo

The basis of any business communication begins with the creation of a visual identity, a logo, a graphic charter, you should NOT IN ANY WAY part with it, this is what will allow prospects, customers to identify you on your various visual or web communication media.

This is why we are going to create the design of your site starting from your logo: Colors, font, shape, It is therefore important that during the design, the research of your logo you thought of its subsequent use, it must be present on all your communication media.

The rules and constraints of design on the web

You suspected as much, didn’t you? It is not as simple as we can believe, the human in his habits, the web browser his constraints, the search engines their limits.

For example, sites in “flash” are not visible on a tablet, a smartphone and are not optimized for SEO. Goodbye animations on your site? By inevitably, there are alternative solutions like JQuery a technique that you will be able to discover on the Internet.

The logo is always at the top left of websites because humans always see the upper left corner of their screen before the rest of the page. At first glance he knows where he is! We cannot detail everything you need to know about the web here, but if you have a web project, any questions do not hesitate to contact us, our quotes are free.

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