Why Your Business Needs Content Delivery Network?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network improves the loading time and SEO of a website. What is a CDN, how to install it and why does it improve the performance of your website?

Without knowing it, we use CDNs daily. For example, the article you read is delivered by a CDN, this is also the case when you watch a video on YouTube.

What is a CDN?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a “smart” global network dedicated to the dissemination of web content. It is an infrastructure made up of several networked servers located in different countries. These servers store replicated content from an origin server.

To minimize the distance between each visitor and the server that hosts a website, each server in the CDN WEB infrastructure stores a cached version of the website’s content in several geographic locations.

How does a CDN Content Delivery Network work?

The operating principle of a CDN server therefore consists in making the content of a website available in several geographic locations at the same time (points of presence or PoP). Each PoP is made up of several caching servers responsible for delivering content to nearby visitors.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

A CDN infrastructure allows you to offer effective global coverage to your visitors. For example, when the Internet user located in Pakistan accesses your website hosted in USA, a POP located in Pakistan will deliver your web page to him. The POP located near the visitor makes it possible to deliver the web page much faster than if it came from the original server located in USA.

What are the advantages of a CDN?

In addition to reducing the loading time of web pages, using a CDN also has the following advantages:

Improvement of site speed and user experience,

Reducing the response time of your website,

Improving SEO in each country,

Reducing the bandwidth of your web server (around 75% for www.DMTwebhosting.com),

Reducing the load on your hosting server,

Reinforced protection against DDoS attacks and increased protection of your site,

Compatibility with an SSL certificate,

A lighter configuration of your hosting server.

The establishment of a CDN infrastructure therefore optimizes the loading time of your website. It also improves SEO and security.

CDN Test

To provide a better experience for our visitors and optimize the SEO of our website, we have installed a CDN. You will find below our first feedback.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

A global distribution network

The use of CDN is essential when you want to reach Internet users all over the world, whether for the deployment of websites and web applications or for downloading files. A load balancing based on the performance of CDN networks is performed in real time for an ideal user experience.

Protection against malicious attacks

CDN ensures anti-DDoS protection solutions that make any site more secure, faster and more reliable. While protection during cyber-attacks, you can stay focused on growing your business.

Thanks to CDN solutions, CDN technology has attracted many European, American and Asian brands and distributors in the retail, luxury, transport and tourism sectors in particular, allowing them to optimize their web infrastructure.

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