When to switch to Dedicated Server Hosting?

As mentioned, dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful server’s plans available, along with cloud hosting. Let’s examine four reasons why you should consider having a dedicated server!

  1. Your website is growing and must be able to handle increased traffic

If you anticipate the rapid growth of your website, choose a dedicated server now. For example, if your site still uses shared hosting when your traffic peaks, its performance could drop significantly. This can be a slippery slope from higher bounce rates and lost income. It is important to give you time to migrate your site and “tune” its performance before potential problems arise.

According to a survey, your site should be prepared to handle peaks of up to 30 times your normal daily traffic, to account for promotions and special events. If you are not prepared, your site could crash or give rise to a negative result. user experience (UX).

  1. Security is a concern for your website

Security is important for all websites, but especially for those who manage sensitive information. This could include confidential emails, credit card numbers, or sensitive customer information. It is crucial to protect this information and your website from viruses, hacking and other risks.

With a dedicated server, you are completely responsible for the security of your site. This means that you can optimize the functionality you need to meet the specific requirements of your website and stored files. Of course, you are also responsible for implementing these features, but this is one of the benefits of flexibility.

However, some hosts offer fully managed and semi-managed maintenance plans. In a nutshell, you can often specify the responsibilities of your host and your host, which means you can trust an expert with essential features, while directly managing all other concerns.

  1. You want your page load times to be optimal

Your page load times can have a significant impact on virtually every aspect of your website. Slow pages can lead to low engagement metrics and high bounce rates. A dedicated server can help you optimize this aspect of your website as much as possible.

On a shared server, you will not know when the server resources will be used elsewhere, which could slow down the execution of your site. By opting for a dedicated server, you will have the bandwidth you need to improve the loading times of your pages.

  1. It is important that you control your server.

The last reason why you might want to choose a dedicated server over other options is simple: control.  the dedicated hosting gives you full responsibility for how you choose to use your server.

For example, you are even free to choose the server software you prefer. If you favour controlling NGINX resources on Apache, you have the power to do so. In addition, you can adjust the hardware specifications and install your own operating system. As a result, dedicated hosting can be an attractive option for advanced web developers and those with unique and specific needs.

Where can you get dedicated hosting?

You will find that many popular hosting companies offer packages covering the entire spectrum of complexity and price. This means that you will often find inexpensive shared hosting configurations and powerful dedicated servers from the same company.

When should you opt for a dedicated server?

Now that we have reviewed some of the benefits of dedicated hosting, let’s talk briefly about how to find out if it’s the right fit for you. After all, a VPS offers many of the same features, but at a lower price.

Start by determining if your site is receiving more traffic. If the numbers are much higher than before, it might be time to upgrade your current plan. You will have the choice between VPS, cloud hosting or dedicated hosting.

All three offer the potential for large bandwidths and fast page load times. However, dedicated hosting offers greater security than VPS, if only because you have absolute control over the operation of the server.

Ultimately, as with many other WordPress considerations, your decision will depend on the specific needs of your website. Certainly, if the budget doesn’t bother you, you can’t go wrong with a dedicated server. However, just like with your very first hosting plan, costs will become a major concern when making your decision.

Conclusion on what a dedicated server

If your website is struggling to cope with increased traffic, it may be time to migrate your website to a dedicated server. It is basically a server that only hosts your site. It can not only improve the performance of your site but also improve the loading time of your pages and help you optimize security.

To quickly recap, here are a few reasons why you may need a dedicated server:

  • Your website is growing and must be able to handle increased traffic.
  • Security is a concern for your website.
  • You would like your page load times to be as optimal as possible.
  • You want to have control over all aspects of your server.

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