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What is the cPanel?

cPanel is a popular control dashboard that helps you manage your web hosting server using a user-friendly web interface. It is particularly popular with web hosts who offer shared hosting. Without cPanel, you would need technical knowledge to manage your websites on the server. But with cPanel, you can make changes using a GUI without any technical knowledge required.

Advantages of cPanel hosting

cPanel is extremely popular for shared hosting services and for the daily administration of VPS and dedicated servers. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Secure and easy to maintain – Keeping cPanel up to date and secure is very easy.
  • Intuitive and easy to use – cPanel has a smooth learning curve and, despite its advanced features, beginners will find it easy to perform main tasks such as creating email accounts.
  • Fully featured – cPanel allows website administrators to quickly add additional functionality to their websites using one-click installer software such as Softaculous.
  • Adding a blog or e-commerce software is very easy.
  • Portability (easy migration process) – Migration from one cPanel server to another is extremely easy. This is important if you need to move your hosting from one provider to another.
  • Easy to backup – cPanel includes a number of backup options to protect your valuable data. It also integrates seamlessly with third-party backup software such as r1soft/idera.
  • Value-added services – cPanel contains many third-party applications that can be included to add value to your service offering whether you are using a VPS server or a dedicated server.
  • Includes advanced features – In addition to daily tasks such as managing emails, cPanel also offers many advanced features such as managing DNS records, configuring databases, and more.

cPanel has a ton of features. If you are a novice user, you will probably only need to familiarize yourself with a small selection of them. Below are some of the main features you will need to get up and running.

Email management

cPanel makes it easy to manage your email. Creating, modifying and deleting email accounts is easy with cPanel. You can change the password, set the mailbox quota, and configure your mailbox with your preferred email client such as Outlook. You can even configure your emails to access your Gmail account. If you want to access your emails while on the go, you can easily do so using webmail from any device connected to the Internet.
Manage files

cPanel offers a comprehensive set of file management tools. While it is not a replacement for a professional FTP tool, it allows you to upload, create or delete files, organize your files in folders, and change their permissions. Overall, this gives you the basic functionality that you will need to manage your files. You can also manage your backups from the cPanel file manager, whether you want to run full or partial backups.

1-click software installation (Softaculous)

Softaculous is a fantastic tool that allows you to automatically install hundreds of software applications on your hosting with just a few clicks. Whether you want to create a WordPress blog, a Magento e-commerce site or a PHPBB forum, start reselling web hosting using WHMCS, then Softaculous gives you the cover.

Domain management

In cPanel you have an excellent set of tools to effectively manage your domain names. For example, you can configure parked domains to redirect all the domains you own or create additional domain names to keep your hosting costs down. You can also configure subdomains, redirects and manage your DNS zone settings via cPanel.


When it comes to security, cPanel has you covered. So whether you want to install an SSL certificate (recommended for security and for better referencing), block IP addresses or configure ModSecurity, you are covered.


cPanel has many database management features. cPanel is usually configured with MySQL as standard, but can also use Percona, a fast and open-source database alternative to MySQL. You can also manage your databases using PHPmyAdmin.


cPanel software also comes with a number of other useful software preinstalled. Besides creating professional websites, there are advanced programming options such as Ruby on Rails and RubyGems.

Advanced tools

cPanel also offers a range of tools to help you manage your website more efficiently. For example, you can automate repetitive tasks (for example, create daily invoices) using a CRON job. Or you can configure custom error pages such as 404 pages or troubleshoot DNS issues.


While most websites use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to get an overview of their website traffic, cPanel includes useful statistics, such as errors, bandwidth usage, and logs. raw access.

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DMT Web Hosting is too concerned about the health and safety of both clients and employees. Our office is closed due to countrywide lock down. You can reach us on +92 300 044 4656, +92 321 112 6660 during the lock down period. We appreciate your understanding and patience.