What is Social media marketing?

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  1. New generation social networks
  2. How do social networks make it possible to highlight the offer of a brand or company?



The 21st century has seen the emergence of new means of communication, technical and technological advances are accelerating globalization, henceforth, information can be transmitted almost instantly around the world. This phenomenon then opens up new horizons for marketing, new platforms to be exploited such as social networks. The offer can then be expressed in new forms, borrowing new techniques. We will first analyze the characteristics of these modern social networks and then discuss the different techniques used to highlight the offer.

Part 1: Next-generation social networks

Today there are 2.95 billion users of social networks around the globe. We can no longer ignore the fact that this new platform represents a new communication channel with great potential. Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace are the perfect examples of this new phenomenon which consists of sharing one’s life with our friends, our family, or even with strangers. In no time, these websites have become an essential tool for staying in constant contact with the lives of others, those around him, for sharing photos, videos or links, exchanging information, joining groups and even receiving offers. of employment. It is now Internet users who create information, information which is constant, many Internet users consult their Facebook account several times a day in search of news or for fear of missing an important event.

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Part 2: How do social networks make it possible to highlight the offer of a brand or company?

No longer able to ignore this new medium of large-scale communication, brands and companies have started to develop their promotions on blogs or sites like Facebook or Twitter. And even if they remain far behind SEO, display, affiliation, comparators or emailing. However, we can already find examples of marketing actions on social networks by big companies like Coca-Cola which in 2011, gathered thousands of Facebook users around bottles with their names and allowed the brand to take a place in the minds of internet users. Or the automobile brand Ford which organized a photo competition on the Instagram application (bought by Facebook at the end of 2012) with the theme of the Ford Fiesta equipment, this simple competition had a significant impact on users, who, without even wanting to, advertised the brand which wanted to improve the image of a car deemed a bit dated by associating it with a trendy technological service.


If the Internet has undeniably changed traditional communication channels, the diversity of media available to consumers today has a real impact on different marketing approaches. The challenge is no longer to choose a communication channel to reach the customer but to identify their favourite channels and create an interactive relationship between the advertiser and the consumer, which allows companies to showcase their products. and reach more potential customers

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