What is an SSL EV certificate?

What is an SSL EV certificate? What is Extended Validation and where to buy this SSL certificate? Focus on EV SSL certificates …


  • What is an EV SSL certificate
  • What is Extended Validation?
  • What checks does the CA have to perform for an SSL EV?
  • Where to buy an SSL EV certificate at the best price?

What is an SSL EV certificate?

It is one of the 3 types of SSL certificates. Thanks to Extended Validation, it is the SSL certificate with the highest level of identification.

Like all SSL certificates, it allows the activation and use of the SSL / HTTPS protocol but it is differentiated by the display of the identity (company name, with a possible trade name) in the address bar of the most Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer / Edge, Safari …)

So if a reseller lets you understand that the SSL EV certificate offers you better encryption … Flee!

All SSL certificates allow you to obtain the same level of encryption (40 to 256 Bits) and whatever the type of certificate: It is the configuration of the server and the version of the Internet browser which define the level of encryption to be used and not type (DV, OV or EV)

The difference between a standard SSL certificate and an EV SSL certificate, therefore, does not lie in the quality of encryption, but in the identification of the company/organization: You prove your identity, in order to protect your company and your customers from phishing (identity theft fraud), you can reassure them about the legal existence of your company, its location (by displaying the country) but also concerning the security of the information they provide on your website:

The address bar becoming green, their attention is more captured on the presence of the security padlock and the HTTPS / SSL protocol.

What is Extended Validation?

When a Certification Authority issues an EV SSL certificate, it must ensure that the owner of the address to be secured has given his consent for an SSL certificate to be issued in his name. The identity of the company being displayed in the SSL EV certificate; the Certification Authority’s mission is to eliminate any risk of identity theft.

This procedure aims to prevent a hacker from requesting the issuance of an EV SSL certificate in the name of a reputable company (bank, e-commerce site, etc.) for a domain name that does not belong to this company: www.DMTwebhosting.com, for a phishing site.

As part of the Extended Validation, the Certification Authority must carry out the following checks:

  • They ensure that the identity entered in the CSR request (essential for the issuance of an SSL EV certificate) corresponds to the owner of the domain name in the WHOIS (database indicating the contact details of the owner of a name domain).
  • They ensure that the identity of the owner of the domain name (WHOIS) corresponds to the official contact details of the company via the Trade and Companies Register (RCS): This verification aims to ensure the physical and legal existence of the company.
  • They verify the telephone numbers of the company/organization via a public source, for the verification call.
  • This verification call is essential for issuing an SSL EV certificate. The Certification Authority is under the obligation to ensure that the management of the company has given its consent for an SSL certificate to be issued in its name, and for the address to be secured.

Where to buy an SSL EV certificate at the best price?

We have selected the best value for money so that you can easily purchase your SSL EV certificate:

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We selected GeoTrust because they offer different services with their SSL certificate with extended validation:

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