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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social networks have become essential tools in corporate marketing strategies. In fact, 87% of marketers use these media for three main reasons:

  • strengthening customer relationships
  • generating new business opportunities
  • Carry out information and competitive intelligence

In addition, 67% of marketing professionals believe that a social media marketing strategy is an essential competitive advantage.

  1. Social networks

In the digital age, it has become necessary for companies to communicate on social networks. In the past 10 years, these media have grown so exponentially that they reach 3.3 billion active users to date or 43% of the world’s population.

Social networks have become very effective communication channels, increasing the visibility of the company by reaching a maximum of people, while strengthening its notoriety. Thus, a social media marketing strategy is essential for businesses.

Communication and control of e-reputation

The direct communication offered by social networks brings customers and future prospects closer to businesses. Indeed, social networks allow users and customers to relay their experience with a product, brand or company. This promotes knowledge of customers’ expectations and needs and gives the company the opportunity to control its image and reputation on the internet.

Positive comments will obviously be to your advantage, which does not mean that negative comments will not be. Sharing a negative customer experience is an opportunity to provide a personalized solution to this person, and allows certain business configurations to be adjusted in order to best optimize the customer experience.

Social media ranking

Facebook: the essential social network?

Facebook is the generalist social network par excellence. Due to its large audience, it is an ideal medium to give visibility to a company.

In addition, publishing content relevant to your field and your audience will allow you to create a community. This gives the company expert status with its target customers and strengthens its notoriety. However, the effective maintenance of a Facebook page requires rigorous and regular work.

Having a Facebook page is free and accessible to everyone. However, it takes time and skill.

In addition, it is recommended to set up advertising campaigns on social networks. This will greatly increase the performance of your publications, increase the reach of your page and thus gain visibility.

What are the different features of a Facebook advertising campaign?

There are various options available for advertising on this digital communication channel. A brand/company can thus advertise itself on the users’ news feed or present its advertisement in the form of a banner on the right.

In addition, Facebook allows you to target your prospects according to various socio-demographic criteria. So that you can analyze the performance of your campaign, this media provides you with statistics about the campaign. In this way, it is possible to adapt your campaign according to the results.

Facebook offers two payment methods for advertising campaigns. Indeed, it is possible to pay according to the display of the advertisement, at a cost per thousand impressions (CPM), or according to its performance, at the cost per click (CPC). According to an auction system, the advertiser sets a daily budget with a minimum stake.

Facebook is, therefore, a social network suitable for B2B and B2C campaigns.

Instagram: the visual and creative social network

In 2018, Instagram has 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. This social sharing network is dedicated to image and photography. Thus, we find on this media very qualitative photos.

Instagram is, therefore, a visual universe where creativity, originality and aesthetic quality are rewarded. Indeed, these elements are essential to creating a community around the brand. Thus, Instagram favours companies that give themselves to the visual, as would be a clothing brand or a graphic design agency. However, almost any type of business can benefit from it, provided they meet the conditions announced above. It’s about generating emotions.

Therefore, the content published on this social network must be well thought out and worked. The qualitative aspect of this medium further promotes the engagement rate. It is once again a great way to interact with its customers and gain visibility and strengthen its notoriety. Like Facebook, Instagram offers the possibility to advertise on the social network.

How does the Instagram advertising tool work?

The algorithm of this social network favours accounts with a high yield of publications. Indeed, it is favourable to make several publications per week, which requires time and skills in order to publish quality content. In addition, the optimal use of hashtags and stories also promote the reach of publications and the acquisition of new fans. The social network offers various advantages for your business.

At first, we find the Call to action icons on the posts. Icons “shop now”, “sign up”, “instal now”, “learn more” redirect users to the link linked to the action (external sales site, website, download of an application, etc.). These 4 icons are therefore an effective way to support your social media campaigns and push prospects into action. However, this call to action is only available when a publication is sponsored. Just like with Facebook, Instagram offers to promote our posts. Also, invoicing for sponsored publications is based on CPC and CPM, according to a daily budget and a minimum stake.

In the second step, the social network offers different targeting options. Indeed, it is possible to target an audience with criteria similar to those of your followers, or to manually insert the specific criteria of the population to target.

Finally, it is possible to analyze the performance of our publications in real-time thanks to the statistics provided by the social network. This allows us to assess the performance of our strategy and adapt it if necessary.

Instagram notably promotes B2C marketing because of its “call to action” buttons. However, its role as a showcase or portfolio makes this social network suitable for B2B campaigns.

Twitter, the conversational platform for experts

The microblogging network is ideal for positioning yourself as an expert in your field and for getting closer to your customers. Indeed, this communication channel is an ideal way to interact directly with your community and prospects.

This communication channel is used by users to inform themselves and to communicate with brands and companies.

Besides, Twitter subscribers are real potential customers. According to figures advanced by the social network, 66% of subscribers have discovered an SME on Twitter, 94% plan to make purchases from an SME they follow and 66% have already made purchases from SMEs they follow. With such figures, it is not surprising to see that Twitter has a return on investment 40% higher than other social networks. In order to reach a maximum audience, Twitter offers various methods to announce to you.

How does the Twitter advertising tool work?

Twitter offers 3 different systems for your ads. The first method refers to sponsoring a tweet, following the same logic as on Facebook and Instagram. The second allows highlighting a Twitter account on the user’s news feed, including a “follow” button. Finally, the third option allows you to sponsor a hashtag highlighting it on the trend lists.

Example of the sponsored hashtag

The billing method for the advertising campaign on this social network varies according to the defined campaign objectives. Depending on the objectives chosen, you will pay for the sponsorship campaign according to the new followers acquired, or the engagement with the tweet, or the installation of an application, or conversions … So, in general, you will pay for sponsorship campaigns by CPM or based on the performance of the advertising service.

To set your budget, simply make a minimum bet and establish a daily budget.

The Twitter advertising service allows you to define the audience to target according to various criteria. In addition, it is possible to follow the campaign’s performance in real-time by following the data and statistics offered by the social network.

Finally, Twitter is a platform that adapts to both B2B and B2C advertising campaigns.

Linkedin, the social network dedicated to professionals

LinkedIn is the first social network dedicated to professionals with its 575 million users. In addition, 40% of users consult their news feed daily. Thus, this platform is perfectly suited to B2B campaigns because it promotes the networking of professionals.

In addition, a LinkedIn company page maintained by articles and content affirms its expertise in its field. This allows you to expand your professional circle. In addition, B2B companies are gaining visibility and strengthening their reputation with a qualified audience and potential customers. As a result, LinkedIn is a very suitable communication channel for carrying out advertising campaigns.

How does LinkedIn’s advertising tool work?

There are 5 types of advertising campaigns on LinkedIn (soon 6 with the implementation of video ads).

  • First, there are two types of banners located on the right side of the page.
    The first is “text ads”, which include a small visual and a short text that can contain up to 100 characters. The second are the “display ads”, larger and visual. Very visible, they are located in high traffic pages.
  • social media marketing; social media; social media; marketing; communication
  • Text Ad Example on LinkedIn
  • social media marketing; social media; social media; marketing; communication
  • Example of Display Ad on LinkedIn

Subsequently, LinkedIn offers the sending of sponsored emails to a target audience. Finally, the social network offers to sponsor the content of a page in order to boost publications.

It is possible to target your audience based on various criteria such as industry, level of education or current position. In addition, there are two ways to manage your campaign: self-service or with the assistance of a team of LinkedIn experts.

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