How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server for Your Business?

What is a dedicated server?

A computer server is essential to host the data of a website. Different types of servers are available on the web hosting market. Among them is the dedicated server. Its particularity is to store data from a single site.

Note: a dedicated server can be a physical or virtual machine. In the latter case, we speak of VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Why use a dedicated server?

The main advantage of the dedicated server is that it makes all of its resources (information processing power, memory, connection, etc.) available to a single site. This implies better performance in the event of heavy traffic or large data entry or exit. This is why this type of accommodation is particularly suitable for e-commerce sites or those with a strong community.

In addition, a dedicated server offers the possibility of being configured according to the needs of the site and / or the company. Thus, it is also suitable for those who have specific needs in terms of computer equipment. But, for this it is better to have a specialized team internally.

Finally, using a dedicated server implies more security for the site and for the data. It is therefore particularly suitable for those who have confidential and sensitive data.

Your dedicated server with DMTwebhosting

At DMTwebhosting, we offer to host your data on dedicated servers, only in data centers located in USA. This solution gives you more security for your data, access to a very high-speed Internet connection and optimized performance. We offer two dedicated hosting solutions:

The purchase of servers with the possibility of hosting them in our data centers;

Server rental including the provision of the server, hosting in our data centers and a maintenance contract.

Note: outsourcing allows you to delegate the daily management of your server to IT professionals. This solution is ideal if you do not have enough time or means internally to ensure the proper functioning of the server and therefore of your website.

Do not hesitate to contact our IT experts for more information on dedicated servers.

Is a Linux server better than a Windows server? If yes, why?

In reality, there is no question of the best here, it depends on several elements. Which elements provide options which vary according to the needs and objectives to be achieved.

What would the server be used for? What are the services to deploy, the applications to host, the needs in terms of capacity, security, and connectivity?

Linux is an open source OS built around the Linux kernel:

It offers multi-user functionality, it is portable and multi-tasking
Open source, it is easily accessible to users under free license
There is a large community for user support and maintenance which can be very expensive, but small than that of windows
Access to system parameters is done by root an important advantage (Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption), in terms of security, less susceptible to attacks
Less user-friendly than Windows, and many professional applications are not always compatible
It precisely requires some training for handling because of its complex features

Windows server:

It is not free, licenses are expensive and it is not multi-user
Is user friendly on a graphical and user experience basis
It offers significant support for a wide range of applications
It offers LTS (Long Term Support) for all its versions
It is easily configurable in terms of users

6. System updates are particularly easier to manage and it can be very vulnerable to attacks and

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