Dedicated web hosting

Any business on the web should think about web hosting. That means she needs to understand the difference between dedicated web hosting and managed web hosting. So we’ll talk about dedicated web hosting in this post.

What is dedicated Web hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is when you rent a dedicated server, customized to suit your application, from a hosting service provider. This server is not managed, which means that the hosting service provider lets you manage everything related to updates, configurations, security, monitoring, backups, etc.

Unlike virtual or shared hosting services that have dozens if not hundreds of users on a single server, a dedicated server is entirely dedicated to your use and designed according to your specific needs. You can select a Linux, Windows or Unix operating system, install any third-party software you need, and configure the server the way you want.

What is meant by “unmanaged”?

Dedicated web hosting is said to be unmanaged when the hosting provider sets up the server for you, but managing it is your responsibility. “Unmanaged” simply means that daily operations are managed by yourself and not by the hosting provider. However, several hosting service providers offer technical support in the event of a server failure. If you experience a problem that you cannot resolve on your own, your hosting service provider may offer you ad hoc managed services for an additional charge. In addition, it should be noted that most hardware issues will be resolved by the hosting service provider at no cost. However, you will need to manage all software-related issues.

Important points to consider

Dedicated web hosting is less expensive than managed web hosting. When you pay for managed hosting services, you also pay for support.

With dedicated web hosting, you need to provide your own support. This means that you must have an IT team in place to maintain your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Speaking of IT staff, this is an important factor to consider, no matter if your business is using dedicated web hosting services. Does your team have the expertise required to manage a server, including its security? Does it have enough people to manage the server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

One thing that dedicated web hosting offers that managed hosting does not offer is freedom. If your application is complex, you need to configure your server very precisely, your level of control must be high, or you cannot let other people manage your application for privacy or security reasons, a dedicated server will give you all the freedom you need.

The conclusion

There is a big difference between dedicated web hosting and managed web hosting. If your needs are specific and you have the in-house expertise to manage your own server, then dedicated web hosting might be the best solution for you. Otherwise, it might be worth exploring the benefits of managed web hosting.

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