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7 link-building strategies that will optimize your SEO in 2020

Linking strategies are developed using Google’s algorithm to rank better on search engines. For example, Google now prioritizes high-quality links and ranks them higher in search engines. This change has forced organizations to place great importance on building linkages in their digital marketing efforts.

The strategy of creating relevant and valuable links can be tricky. As Google’s algorithm becomes more and more sophisticated, it also becomes much more stringent on how to rank websites.

It’s not easy to build a good link building system, but there are many White Hat link building strategies out there that keep websites intact and can help you set it up. an effective link building strategy. Here are a few:

  1. Write quality guest messages
  2. Maximize your network
  3. Stay current and up to date
  4. Take advantage of the visual content
  5. Research and analyze data
  6. Compile and use links from authority sites
  7. Adopt the right frame of mind

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  1. Write quality guest messages

Blogs are reliable websites and a great way to develop link building strategies. However, it is important to contribute to trusted platforms by publishing articles on your area of ​​expertise. Keep the following points in mind to get the best value for guest contributions:

  • Choose your publications wisely: While it may be tempting to contribute to every website or blog that accepts guest contributions, it is essential that you study them carefully before publishing them. Contributing to authority websites with a large number of followers can increase your audience and help you grow exponentially. But a single guest message on a website that has experienced some controversy or an incident can be detrimental to your brand.
  • Study their publications: You do not want to lack originality in your message. Make sure you can offer fresh content. It is important to check their records and writing guidelines and standards to avoid delays.
  • Create content accordingly: If you have done your homework, it will be easy for you to create meaningful content that readers will enjoy and may be able to share on their own social media accounts or entice them to visit your website.
  1. Maximize your network

Building good relationships can lead to good relationships. For example, building contacts by providing relevant and meaningful comments on forums and discussion threads can be a great opportunity to connect with other organizations.

These social groups usually include bloggers and other experts who can invite you to their platforms and put you in touch with other organizations, which opens doors to more possibilities for creating links. In addition, they can also give you valuable information that you can use to create content and implement strategies.

  1. Stay current and up to date

You have probably heard of the misappropriation of information. Newsjacking consists of writing on the latest news and using it to promote your brand. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and establish the importance and value of your brand or product.

In addition, Google rewards links that are fresh and current. So if you are fast enough and one of the very first to publish a news jack article, you will be ranked higher in the search engines. Other publications may also link to your content when they write their own article.

  1. Take advantage of visual content

What makes visuals so great is that they are easily shared. It is easier to gain quality links faster. While some organizations believe it is impossible to create compelling visuals on a tight budget, many free or inexpensive digital platforms with easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces are now widely available. They allow people without technical or conceptual skills to easily create visual content.

Remember that some organizations also adopt these tools, and it’s up to you to make sure your visuals stand out from the rest of the audience.

  1. Research and analyze data

Developing your link building strategy can lead you to research to help show that you are working to understand your industry and improve your brand. This research can be carried out in different ways and can provide high-quality links:

  • Investigations: Relevant investigations are likely to obtain links. For example, if you are a cybersecurity solutions company, you can investigate a specific topic with IT managers in a certain industry. Surveys can lead to interesting results, which you can publish and turn into interesting and insightful content later. If it is valuable content, many organizations in the same sector and even beyond will take it back.
  • Case studies: If surveys show that you are trying to understand your industry and showcase your expertise, case studies represent the success of these efforts. Case studies prove that you bring great value to your customers and are one step ahead of your competition. Opinion leaders will likely cite your case study if it is effective.
  • Data analysis: Any research carried out requires appropriate data analysis. Data is important because it usually serves as the starting point for many important online discussions, especially with organizations looking to disrupt the market.

Correctly executed and reported content, based on data, can establish authority and strengthen your reputation, which leads to more links and higher search rankings.

  1. Compile and use links from authority sites

It is not always necessary to create content from scratch when developing your link building strategy. Publishing a list of useful resources, a home page with links from trusted sites can show your target audience that you know what you are talking about. It will also allow them to easily find blogs or articles that can help them understand topics in a certain niche. Resource lists or articles usually include a short introduction to each section, sub-section and list. These elements facilitate reading and scanning, especially when it is long and complete.

Remember that the number of useful links is important. But if you think that creating resource lists is too important to you, you can start by publishing a few resource articles. You can then extend them to landing pages.

  1. Adopt the right frame of mind

The above-mentioned link building strategies can help you establish your presence and build your brand online. While it may be tempting to try other ways to get results faster, implementing White Hat strategies can promise more lasting results. It also allows you to avoid regulatory fines and instil the right attitude and good behaviour in your entire team.

It won’t be easy, but as long as you create quality content and focus on bringing value to your target audience, you will be on the right track.

Would you like to know more about what digitalization could bring you?

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DMT Web Hosting is too concerned about the health and safety of both clients and employees. Our office is closed due to countrywide lock down. You can reach us on +92 300 044 4656, +92 321 112 6660 during the lock down period. We appreciate your understanding and patience.